We're less than one month away from our 2017 iHeartRadio Music Awards and, as always, you're in for a one-of-a-kind ceremony with performances and superstar collaborations that you can't find anywhere else. In honor of the annual affair, we've strolled down memory land to revisit some of the best numbers of all time. We may only be three years into the mix, but showings from Madonna, Rihanna and ZAYN proved to be some of the memorable numbers for fans. Read on to relive some of the most OMG-worthy moments in our show history.

1. Usher - "Love Never Felt So Good" (Michael Jackson Tribute) (2014) 

It's one thing to premiere a new song on the radio, it's a whole other thing when you're helping premiere a Michael Jackson record with a special dance tribute. Usher did just that in 2014 when he offered the crowd a choreographed number to the King of Pop's posthumous release "Love Never Felt So Good" in 2014. Plus, it's not like Ursh doesn't consider MJ one of his idols. Back in 2011, he even danced with the legend during a collaborative performance of "You Rock My World."

2. Pharrell - "Innovator" Medley (2014) 

Skateboard P was the man of the iHeartRadio Music Awards in 2014 when he accepted the first-ever iHeartRadio Innovator Award, but it didn't come without a look back at some of his biggest hits, including "Blurred Lines," "Get Lucky" and, of course, "Happy." And while he didn't have folks like Robin Thicke or Daft Punk by his side, it was a solo performance that exemplified just why he's such a powerhouse. 

3. Madonna featuring Taylor Swift - "Ghosttown" (2015)

Madonna didn't need an elaborate set for her performance of "Ghosttown" because she had Taylor Swift by her side to help churn out an acoustic rendition of the Rebel Heart ballad. For the number, the Queen of Pop invited Swift to play the guitar and when you have two of the most influential females in pop music by each others' sides, you don't need much of anything else.

4. Rihanna - "B*tch Better Have My Money" (2015)

Momentum was high when Rihanna debuted her one-off single "B*tch Better Have My Money" during the 2015 affair and it was one hell of a spectacle. We didn't know who the b*tch was. We didn't know how much money was owed. Oh, and how the hell did that huge helicopter get on the stage?

5. ZAYN - "Like I Would" (2016)

Believe it or not, ZAYN's first-ever solo performance was on an our stage, our 2016 iHeartRadio Music Awards, to be exact. For the performance, the former One Direction bandmate offered us a everything you could and would expect from an insane light show to the sounds of his single "Like I Would," which we'd come to found out was the aesthetic behind the yet-to-be-released video for the Mind of Mine release.

Photo: John Shearer for iHeartRadio