Check Out the NEW Opening Credits for 'Game of Thrones!'

We're FINALLY in a time where Game of Thrones finally graces our televisions on Sunday nights and while a ton of things happened in Season 8's premiere episode, it was the opening credits that had us all talking last night and this morning!

It turns out that the company responsible for creating the opening credits, Elastic, was given free reigns to change up the intro, which has pretty much remained the same since the first season, but with different locations added.

The new intro only really features four locations: The Wall (now with a big hole in it), Last Hearth (the home of the Umbers), Winterfell, and King's Landing. This makes sense though because most of the characters are in one of those four locations.

Check out the NEW opening credits below and let us know what your thoughts are of the season so far! Who do you think will ultimately sit on the Iron Throne?


Also here is the old opening credits animation from the show just to compare how much more in-depth Season 8's is as well!



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