Black Mirror Season 5 Comes Out on June 5th and Will Feature Miley Cyrus!

Get ready to be freaked out by Netflix again because Black Mirror is coming back for a FIFTH season on June 5th!

Netflix released a new trailer for the dystopian series that will only feature THREE episodes this year, but they're stacked with star-power!

The cast includes Andrew Scott (from Sherlock), Anthony Mackie (Falcon from The Avengers), and MILEY CYRUS!

Yep those rumors were true about Miley being on the newest season of Black Mirror and while we're only getting three episodes, most likely because of Bandersnatch releasing earlier this year, they will definitely be all you'll want to talk about that first week of June!

Check out the trailer below and let me know if you're hyped or not for it to come back on my social media @AndrewHoody!


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